RST Reviews – Paragon V Pro Series

RST Reviews – Paragon V Pro Series

I’m extremely impressed so far with my Paragon v suit , it’s kept me dry in some horrendous wet weather and it’s still looking like new after being subjected to almost every type of weather that our fair country has to offer.

The Jacket

The Jacket is extremely comfortable with adjustable straps, this ensures a snug fit at all times.

The Jacket has cleverly spaced vents built into is design that help keep you cool on hot days, these vents have a Hi-Vis lining and there are subtle reflective strips placed around the jacket which adds to rider visibility and safety.

The materials used are Teflon coated Maxtec and ballistic with sinaqua waterproof membrane and breathable membrane lining on the inside, these offer the highest level of protection available, there is also Elbow pads and back protection adding to the over all safety.

The Jacket also offers additional functionality, It has a clever collar that protects against the rain and the cold, the collar is removable for those hot dry days, it also has a number of useful pockets with waterproof zips

The picture on the right displays me in my RST paragon V suit on a ride out. It clearly shows the hi-visibility detailing in the vents and it shows how comfortable the suit is to wear.

The Riding Trousers

As in most cases the Riding trousers zip to the jacket giving you all the benefits of a 1 piece suit but none of the disadvantages. The trousers offer the same Teflon coated Maxtec and ballistic with sinaqua waterproof membrane and breathable membrane lining on the inside as the Jacket, meaning your legs get the same high level protection as your torso and arms.

I initially found the knee pads of the trousers a little bulky, but after wearing them a couple of times this became less of an issue, a lot of protective riding clothing on the market have pads in them, but they can be uncomfortable and in some cases the pads actually move position, this isn’t the case with any of the RST protective clothing i have used.