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About Staysafe Advanced Motorcycle Training

About – Staysafe Advanced Motorcycle Training

Welcome to Staysafe Advanced Motorcycle Training (www.staysafe-am.com). We are Advanced Motorcycle Rider Assessment and Development Training Instructors based in Astley Green, Manchester.

Staysafe Advanced Motorcycling offer advanced courses based on the RoSPA and IAM systems of motorcycle control with Fully Qualified Instructors. In other words, personalised professional advanced riding, safety awareness, assessment, coaching and training sessions for all levels of riders.

The Assessments are designed to identify bad habits picked up during your motorcycling and the courses are tailored to provide you with the knowledge on how to correct your bad habits and the time to develop your new riding skills. To be truthful most of what we do during your course is “un-Learning” the methods of riding that you have been implementing for years.

Our purpose is to provide a learning experience which will enable you to develop your riding skills, enhance your safety awareness and knowledge in Advanced Motorcycle Riding Techniques.

Think! Road Safety and Brake Road Safety are two of the most prominent road safety organisations in the UK, they exist to spread road safety awareness to all road users and pedestrians. The courses and assessments ran by Staysafe Advanced Motorcycling are specifically designed to provide all bikers with the knowledge and skill to keep themselves, other road users and pedestrians safe, because of this we strive to promote the good works that Brake and Think! do on a day to day basis.

If you are interested in booking your assessment with Staysafe Advanced Motorcycle Training, or if you have already had your assessment and would like to book a course please call us on 07511 805 305, Email us on info@staysafe-am.com or click here for our contact us page.