Welcome to the Staysafe Advanced Motorcycling Blog!

This is the first in a long series of blogs regarding RST’s range of Biker Wear for bikers everywhere. Our instructors have recently acquired the RST Paragon Pro Series 5 Jacket & Trousers and will be road testing them on a daily basis, we will be testing them all over the country in every environment the lovely UK countryside has to offer. From Hot Sticky Days to Blisteringly Cold Days we will be seeing how the RST bike wear stands up and we will be uploading blogs with our findings.

A Little Information About RST and Their Suits!

RST can trace its history right back to 1988, when the brand Rhino entered the market producing a range of black leather jackets and gloves; however the RST story really starts in 1999 the team behind RST recognised the need for a range of sports leathers and textiles offering great style but importantly exceptional value.

From the start RST has had one mission, and that is to provide the motorcyclist with apparel offering the highest technical quality with the greatest possible value.

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Our blogs will be uploaded intermittently throughout the coming months, giving you our thoughts and opinions on how the suit holds up through the coming seasons, we also may be offering rewards and competitions for our frequent readers so make sure to check back regularly and like our Facebook page for regular updates.